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We're Hiring Service Designers!

Wanted: A multi-disciplinary service designer who is passionate about serving people, because service design is after all, about serving others.

Photo credits: Larry Teo/Unsplash

If empathy had a scale you’d be a natural 8 out of 10, but a professional 5 or 6.

We are often tasked to bring about sustainable cultural, physical, process and technological change to organisations, so you will need have to a love for long-lasting impact rather than low-hanging fruit.

As a foundation, you will need to have exceptional visual communication skills and a great command of English. And because we are constantly thrust into complex situations with many unknowns, you will need to be comfortable with uncertainty. This uncertainty will be your playground to express your creativity as you create systems and structures to help our clients in their transformation journeys. As an example, in March 2020 our projects have included:

  • Cultural/process redesign in an industrial engineering environment,

  • Designing smart bots that assist in highly automated tasks via chat interfaces,

  • Helping non-profit organisations understand donors better,

  • Developing resort masterplanning strategies, as well as

  • Redefining the user experience in a church!

We work in small teams, so you will need to be able to identify gaps and then fill them. Ability to meet deadlines is imperative. A history of showing that you have the ability to see strategy all the way to implementation is crucial. The small team dynamic also requires that you are a relational person who puts the interests of others before yourself.

Some of what the job entails:

  • Design research (user interviews, observations, literature reviews & trend analysis)

  • Facilitation of senior stakeholders to bring alignment to complex situations

  • Synthesis of disparate types of data to get actionable insights

  • Building of paper, physical and digital prototypes

  • Design of holistic systems and processes to bring about sustainable transformation

  • Clear communication of complexity via a toolkit of well-chosen words, visual aids, props and any other devices

  • Analysing performance for constant improvements

A design background is highly desirable but not essential as long as you have strong communication skills. We do a lot of presentation work, so being good with layouts, typography and graphics will be a huge bonus. Working experience of at least 3 years is generally preferred because we expect a high level of professionalism.

While it sounds like we’re trying to hire polymaths (we truly are), it also highlights the depth, breadth and rigour of the work that is required for the clients we serve.

We apologise that we may not be able to respond to all applicants due to the high volume of messages. If you are a suitable candidate, we will reach out to you for an interview, with the potential of engaging you on a project basis before considering full-time employment.

We can only accept Singaporean Citizens or Singapore PRs at this stage unfortunately.

If you’re still reading and are not daunted, please write to us at telling us why you’d be a great addition to our growing team!



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