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The UX of Life Session 2: How to Understand People & Situations (19 August 2020)

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

After the success of our first UXoL workshop, we decided to continue with a second session in our series of online workshops that share design principles and purpose-led behavioural insights that are applicable to life in general. Our work primarily looks at human behaviour in systems, services and experiences - and it almost never fails to reveal truths about ourselves!

For this second instalment, we will look at How to Understand People and Situations. Our confirmed co-hosts are Thomas Peter (Pulitzer Prize winner) and Eng Eng Ding (Executive coach).

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

10am Singapore time (+8 GMT)

Understanding Others

There are so many barriers to understanding other people around you. What are some of the best ways to get a clear picture of the situation, regardless of whether you're solving a interpersonal problem, designing a product, or planning communication? Join us in this interactive workshop as we chat with a few experts (who may or may not share the same views!)

The workshop will be hosted by Reuben Png, founder of IndegoX, together with Thomas and Eng Eng.

Thomas Peter

Thomas Peter is a Pulitzer Prize winning Reuters staff photographer who was born in former East Germany and started working for the international news agency in Moscow 15 years ago. He covered major news and sports events in over 15 countries, including the Russian take-over of the Crimean Peninsular in Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, two re-election campaigns of Vladimir Putin, major floods in Germany and Poland, the 2019 suicide attacks in Sri Lanka, the Australian Open Grand Slam, and Formula One races in Germany, Japan, China and Singapore. Feature stories have taken him to the roof of the Caucasus Mountains, well north of the Artic Circle and into the depth of the Siberian forests where he lived with reindeer herders. He was part of the Reuters team of photographers who won the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting of the Hong Kong protests in 2019. Thomas has called London, Moscow, Berlin and Tokyo home and is currently based in Beijing.

You can view his full bio here.

Eng Eng Ding

Eng Eng is a Senior Consultant with ROHEI Corp, a learning and consulting company. As a facilitator, trainer and executive coach, she is not shy to address uncomfortable issues with a skillful mastery of creating a safe space for deeper engagement. Dedicated to serve leaders and teams through her courage to challenge the status quo, Eng Eng's relational and inviting approach often bring conversation deeper and richer.

You can view her full bio here.

UXoL: Our Second Session

We learnt many lessons in our first workshop, where over 120 people registered and about 50-60 showed up. One thing we needed to do was engage people better, so we're going to be experimenting with a slightly different format!

The Background of UXoL

Because of the nature of our Service Design, UX and Transformation work, it can also be a good starting point for those who might be interested in understanding the Why behind the design process. Understanding the Why is a key factor in designing for impact. You might be taking on a role to manage a digital product, a team of designers or already be a designer - we believe this will be relevant to you. It’s also relevant if you want to apply design principles to address the complexity of dealing with human beings - many of our past participants had increased clarity even as they faced mid-career crisis or difficult workplace culture.

Some of the topics we intend to cover over time will include Courage and Anxiety, managing expectations, understanding how to overcome blind spots, and how to build trust. We have found that these concepts are applicable to life, organisations, leadership, and both digital/physical environments. Serving others is very much the core of the design methodology we use, whether you are a leader, manager or designer.

Wednesday 19 August 2020, 10am SGT (+8 GMT)

Please register your interest for the workshop here.

We will send out registration details much closer to the event itself so the message will be at the top of your inbox!

About Us

IndegoX is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that is passionate about understanding people and how they can navigate complexity with more confidence. We often consult on service design, systems, products and technology, however we believe that people working in harmony are just as important as the systems that they work in - and this road to harmony is the harder journey that many leaders do not choose readily.



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