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IndegoX Assemble!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Summary: 2019 will see Reuben leading an interdisciplinary team of experts from complementary specializations to help organizations understand key insights

What are your super powers? From Empathy to Systematic Problem solving to Event Management, we have assembled a cast of characters one might suppose to be a league of Extraordinary UXperts. IndegoX isn't just about understanding problems, we are all about understanding people; service providers and consumers. People are at the heart of User Experience Design because organizations are built around people and for people. This was the key insight of IndegoX's first inaugural meeting as Reuben facilitated various activities for staff to understand each other's "super powers".

2019 looks exciting with IndegoX boosting its capabilities to understand and inform organizations of key insights to enhance their success.

Keep a lookout for an update of our new staff and their superpowers on Our Team.



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