Let architecture do the talking in communicating purpose

Walls do talk. And they’re telling the same story to whoever’s available to listen. Working on a spatial design project at the National Design Centre, we’ve learnt that buildings are not just floors, walls and pillars. Buildings speak, sometimes even before the receptionist at the entrance gets a chance. And users are listening. So how can we ensure that a building’s design language is welcoming?

From stairwells to signage, we surveyed all relevant touchpoints to gain insight on how to reignite its purpose of being Singapore’s nexus of design. To create a space that would encourage collaboration between the public, designers and businesses, we conducted interviews with tenants and service staff to uncover how they perceive the building and its purpose.

All that talking and listening led to a proposal on how to redesign aspects of the building while preserving the heritage it was built on.

What if walls really could talk?

Service Design Innovation, Spatial Design