Adapt or get left behind in the jet stream

It takes recognising the need to be committed to effective and sustainable transformation in order to develop first class organisations. Singapore Airlines did precisely that.

Since 2018, we have trained over 92 of their innovation teams (and counting!). We tackled legacy challenges plaguing divisions including IT, Customer Service, Finance, Engineering, Operations, Flight Staff (Pilots), HR and even external stakeholders such as regulatory authorities and airport management.

We took on each challenge with relish, and facilitated shared learning and cross-functional collaboration between staff ranging from newcomers to longtimers with over 40 years in the company.

Innovation should not be clasped by the hands of a select few. By equipping their wider teams with the adaptive mindset, Singapore Airlines were able to foster heightened awareness for institutional problems, and a creative approach to solutioning and digital transformation within their organisation.

Every organisation - no matter old or new, big or small - needs to be equipped with the mentality and framework that facilitates continuous improvement and adaptation.

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How does Singapore Airlines reach new altitudes as one of the world’s leading airlines?

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