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Our fight is for Culture

This year I discovered that one of my highest personal goals is the transformation of culture, more than creating community, developing technology or designing services.

Because culture is much more permanent and sustainable — it is based in identity and values. And it has also taken many experiences and deep reflection for me to realise that.

Starting Up

The first few months of this year have been quite a ride for me and IndegoX, with really experienced and passionate folk joining us in perfect time. We’ve spent much time figuring out who we are and what battles we’d like to fight this year. We even got involved in some pretty cool projects relating to designing experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Hospitality and Corporate Learning. We’re also investing ourselves in collaborations with other like-hearted people.

Yet how would we define what we do? Is our identity a Service Design agency? A User Experience consultancy? Maybe. Is it accurate? Probably not.

I have been challenged by many well-meaning friends about the need to focus on a specific area or domain (largely because so many people do not understand what we do), and I readily acknowledge that it is important for any business to present their product with utmost clarity. Yet at the same time, none of the labels have ever fit us, the stickers keep falling off!

Perhaps that’s why we haven’t updated our website in a while.



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