The UPSIDE is our proprietary problem-solving approach. It is the labour of years of experience in breaking down all sorts of problems into their most atomic forms for easier solving. After months of poring through other frameworks and tossing acronyms into the trash; we give you, UPSIDE.

UPSIDE is a breakthrough in service design frameworks. Here’s why:

  • It is the only user-centred framework that includes Purpose as a key ingredient.

  • It allows us to untangle complex and wicked issues (problems that are entrenched, subjective, complex and human-based) across various skill levels

  • It allows us to examine systems and digital services and to consider the overall experience


Doesn’t it also just sound so darn positive and upbeat? That’s the kind of optimism you want when problem-solving. 

Always look on the UPSIDE of life

Want to learn how to solve problems more effectively, and have fun with it along the way? Ask us about the UPSIDE.