How does it work?

The EDG funds qualifying project costs, namely third party consultancy fees, software and equipment, and internal manpower cost. There are no pre-approved vendors for the EDG, so we're counted too!


Some examples of services we offered to past clients covered by this grant are User Journey Mapping and Frame and Scope.

What is it?

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is a support grant offered by Enterprise Singapore for Singapore startups and companies to grow and transform their business; innovate or venture abroad under three pillars:

Who qualifies?

To qualify for this grant, you must:

  • Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore;

  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and

  • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project.

Enterprise Development Grant

Get up to 80% of our fees covered by this grant. Let's supercharge change in your business.